How does Fun2Discover work?

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The more you interact with Fun2Discover, the more POINTS you earn!

Fun2Discover encourages our users to get involved with Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics through a unique, incentive-based points system and contests.

Every STEAM-based activity on Fun2Discover can earn our members points, earn enough points and you could win great STEAM prizes.


Membership is FREE!

Everyone is welcome to visit the Fun2Discover website but, if you want to get involved in the community and participate in any of our contests you must have your parent or legal guardian sign up and register you.

You can answer our Challenge Question of the Day Contest, you can submit your own STEAM based project or collaborate with kids who already have projects in the community.  There are games, videos, tutorials, interactive projects and contests all geared towards STEAM and all earning you points towards our awesome prizes.

Fun2Discover is an online STEAM based community forum composed of Fun2Discover members who discuss and post STEAM based projects, ideas and topics. The more you post, share and interact the more points you earn!

User registration is required for two reasons:

1) User registration is required to record and track your earned Fun2Discover points so that you can be eligible to win our great STEAM prizes.

2) We have very strict security protocols in place to protect our student and child users. The registration and content posting verification processes are required for these security protocols. The user must be logged in to post content to the community. All content that is posted to the STEAM community is audited and approved by our staff and, in some cases, also by the parent or teacher of the student user.

Note: We do not sell or share your user registration information or personal site usage information with anyone. Your user registration is only required for points and contest usage recording and our site security protocols.
Everything you do on Fun2Discover; from signing-up, watching a video, rating a STEAM based product or project, to submitting pictures of your own STEAM- based projects, will earn you points. All activity is tracked and points awarded.

Below are the point values you can earn on to win great STEAM prizes!

Some point values are daily (such as logging into your account), some points value are one-time (such as following us on Facebook) and other points values are resource-specific where the points are per resource (such as viewing a user's post, watching an individual video, etc).

Resource-specific point values can be earned for all individual STEAM resources on the site (or app) but you can only earn the point value once per specific resource. (example: you can earn points for each community user's post you read/view but cannot earn points for viewing the same post twice).

250 - Fun2Discover Account Sign-Up Bonus (one-time)
250 - View | Open STEAM Resource (Videos, Community Posts, etc.)
300 - Daily Account Login
250 - Submit Daily Challenge Answer
250 - Daily Challenge Correct Answer Bonus
1000 - Post New Message Through Online (Community)Forum - (1000 Points Max Per Day)
250 - Social Share (Any Platform) (Limit 20 per contest period)
250 - Mobile App Activation Bonus  (one-time)
1000 - Post New Message Through Mobile App - (1000 Points Max Per Day)
2500 - Post New Project with Pictures And/or Video
750 - Complete Online Educational Quiz
750 - Complete Interactive Project Activity
500 - Complete STEAM Survey
500 - Facebook Follow (one-time)
500 - Twitter Follow (one-time)
500 - Instagram Follower (one-time)
100 - Daily Open/Play Online Game
100 - Daily Open/Play In-App Game

In addition to the above points, there will be periodic bonus points available for specific content postings and bonus points available inside the online games for reaching higher levels, etc.

Quarterly Contest

Challenge of the Day

Additional Contests

If you are one of the top three point earners or win the raffle you will receive the following to be used for any item(s) in the Fun2Discover Store.

1st Place:        $600.00
2nd Place:       $500.00
3rd Place:        $400.00
Raffle Winner:  $500.00

* If you find a STEAM related product, book or project we will add it to the store, cool! So you could win almost anything. 

 (Fun2Discover Store)

January 01 –  March 31
April 01 – June 30
July 01 – September 30
October 01 – December 31

(Winners will be announced within five days after contest ends)

Yes, there is a real-time scoreboard that shows your current points and the Top 10 users and their point levels in the contest period.

No, points from one contest period do not roll over to another contest period.  Any points earned will always accumulate into your lifetime point balance.  These lifetime points could be used for end-of-year prizes and other member benefits.

Yes, if you earn the most points during a specific contest period by participating in the most Fun2Discover activities.

Yes, you can participate in all Fun2Discover activities and Fun2Discover community features with any Internet-connected device (i.e Desktop Computer, Tablet, Smart Phone, Smart TV). The only point-based activity that is device type-specific is the points you earn for downloading and installing the mobile app on your tablet or phone.

No, points can only be accrued per user account and cannot be combined.

Only registered members can participate in the contests, registration is free.